Comedy Hypnosis Shows

Joe Kidd's hypnosis stage show is hilarious! Joe combines hypnosis with comedy and takes the audience on an incredible journey.

The volunteers and their unique minds are really the stars of the show. Joe guides the volunteers to put on an unforgettable production.

Each and every show is different and extremely entertaining. The shows are completely clean, safe, and fun. Whether its a small event or a huge show with hundreds of people Joe can quickly 'trance'form the volunteers to be instant STARS of a show that will have your audience bent over with laughter. If you want a completely unique and memorable experience for your event then book Joe and "KIDD" around with hypnosis.

High School Events

Whether you are looking to book entertainment for an After-Prom, Grad Night, or any other event,  every High School show is different. The show is 100% safe, interactive, clean, and absolutely memorable!

College Events

If you want to entertain your students many colleges and universities choose hypnosis as their premier entertainment. Great for freshman orientation, transfer student week, move-in week, family weekend, Greek week unity days, comedy nights, campus activities or any other event for which you may need entertainment.

Corporate events

Transform your corporate event into an unforgettable experience with Joe's captivating and insured comedy stage hypnosis show. Delight your audience and foster lasting team connections with this unique blend of entertainment and team building. Book now for an event they'll be talking about long after it's over.


Need a fundraiser? Forget about selling candy bars, subs, or cookie dough and let Joe help you raise funds with a show that can bring in thousands of dollars in just one day with no inventory to control!

Private Events

If you want a unique and unforgettable form of entertainment  for any private event, Joe can provide a hilarious, engaging, and interactive show. Send us a message and we can tailor a show to fit your needs.


Joe can perform a mentalism show for your event as well. The show will include magic of the mind that will entertain and have you completely confused on how he did it.

About Joe

Joe Kidd is no stranger to the stage. For two decades he has been a presence on stage, television, in film both streaming and in theaters, and a series on Amazon Prime. Being a former Marine, he brings a unique, all-American lovable guy persona to the stage, once again. This time as a fun, hilarious, and easy going comedy hypnotist.

Having survived growing up in the midwest (sure, Ohio counts) he's breaking out of the buckeye state to explore the uncharted depths of America's heartland. His ambitious spirit comes from years of serving his both on the ground and in the air, including serving as a crew chief on Marine One, the Presidential helicopter.

Through his respectfully well rounded career, Joe brings a safe, engaging, and humorous experience to your venue. He utilizes his medical, military, and theatrical backgrounds to give a full imaginative and unique journey in everyone of his shows.

You'll never forget the night you book that American guy, that amazing hypnotist, THAT Joe Kidd!



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Here are a few photos from past shows

Howling at the moon

Showing off those muscles

Hands are stuck together

So funny!